Sunday, February 28, 2010

Girl Slimed

Girls Feet

More Pics

Pied Pics

2 Girls Pied

The other day I had two girls repeatedly pie each other. They were barefoot and wearing matching bikinis. It started off with each girls holding 2 pies and they gave each other pie sandwiches. One of the girls then took her bare feet and put them in the other girls face making them messy too. The other girl had her feet put in pies. Then they each pied each other at the same time. I then pied them each twice and then gave them each a pie sandwich. They both got slimed next and pied with at least 5 pies each. We finished it off by having them pie themselves each twice.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Long Time

The other day I pied my long time friend. She was barefoot and wore a yellow bikini. It started off with 5 pies to her face. After that she put her bare feet in an extra pie. There was crust and shaving cream everywhere. After her feet were messy, I pied her 5 more times and then gave her 3 pie sandwiches. Finally, I slimed her with 2 gallons of green slime and then pied her 3 more times to finish the session.